AC 164, LEDtrack and LCS 75:
Smart products easily explained

As of now, short videos will show the easy installation of our highlight products LEDtrack, LCS 75 an AC 164! Operating principle and advantages are summed up quickly and comprehensibly, as pictures are worth a thousand words and moved pictures provide an even better demonstration.

The videos are available in both English and German on the Adels-Contact YouTube Channel.

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New Catalogue – Quick Overview

The brand new OEM catalogue accompanies the new innovative Adels-Contact products. It provides an overview of the wide range and clearly demonstrates functionality, applications and advantages of each product group. The variety of products is displayed in a clear manner and guides directly to the relative websites.

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LCS 75 – Intelligent Connection Solutions for IP66 Water-Proof Luminaires

The LCS75 presents an advanced development of our patented LCS45. No matter whether for underground car parks, trade fair halls or industrial buildings: Luminaires up to IP code 66 are connected in next to no time. The manufacturer supplies the luminaire with a pre-assembled LCS75 connector. There is no longer a need to open the luminaire, as the electrician connects it from the outside. Installation time and errors in electrical installation are minimised while time and costs are saved.

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LEDtrack – The Complete System for all Functions of a Lighting Strip System

With LEDtrack Adels-Contact offers for the first time a special solution for lighting strip systems that are used in large industrial buildings such as production halls and warehouses or super markets.
The complete system is attractive due to its diversity, as apart from the mains supply it also allows the integration of DALI, emergency lighting and sensors. Depending on the customers’ needs, it is possible to provide the LEDtrack with 5, 7, 9 or 11 poles. Its small form allows manufacturers to design extremely flat and narrow lighting strips. Installation without tools as well as free positioning, are convincing arguments when installing on site.

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SMDblank – Extremely Small SMD Connectors without Mouldings

The SMDblank extends our SMD connector product portfolio by a moulding-free variant. The innovative concept offers two versions in one. Connection can be made horizontally with solid or flexible conductors. Alternatively, it is possible to use the vertical feed-through version for solid conductors – depending on the customer’s individual needs. With a height of only 2.5 mm the SMDblank is a very small connector type that has nevertheless been optimised for the nozzle removal from the tape-on-reel packaging.

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AC164 – the “little brother“ of the AC 166® now with ENEC and UL approval

The next generation installation connector range has now been certified with the ENEC and the UL approval. These 2 to 5 pole components and matching cables comply with the stringent requirements of EN 61535 and are very compact.

That series is only half the size of the “big brother” AC166® but offers the same advantages, for flexible installations.

Thanks to the small dimensions that “plug & play” solution is now perfectly suited to shop fitting and booth construction. Saving laborious tasks, such as measuring, dismantling, stripping and terminating, it considerably reduces the time pressure which these projects often under. Project completion can be achieved easily more quickly and economically. In addition, its module sys-tem allows re-use of components in case of reconstruction work in a shop or when erecting a new booth.

With its tall variant without strain relief connectors AC 164 are unique and ideally suited for the installation in luminaires and appliances with little space.