AC 166 VLCG/3 (English)

The plug and socket system AC166® G that complies with the rigid requirement of the EN61535 standard is ideal for "plug & play" installations. The 3-pole extension cables AC166 VLCG/3 are one of our bestsellers in the series. Thanks to our quick delivery programme, they are supplied to our customers within a couple of days.

SMDflat 345 (English)

The SMDFflat345 is a SMD connector of premium quality for LED printed circuit boards. Its reduced total height of just 3.45 mm with a 4 mm pin spacing ensures minimal shadow effect. Great variety of applications thanks to the possibility to connect solid and flexible conductors of 0.2 to 0.75 mm.

LK 980-01 RZ/2 (English)

The LK980-01 RZ/2 is a luminaire connector type with tab terminals and catch pins. They are one of the most favoured connectors of the LK980 series that allow quick and trouble-free connection of luminaires. Upon customer request, we also produce a glow wire version.

500-35 DS (English)

With its conductor size of up to 2.5mm² and a 3.5mm fixing hole type 500-35DS is the best-selling Europa Series Terminal Block type in our range. Robustness and ease of handling have been essential for years. Upon request, we also produce a glow wire version.

AC 170 RST(U)/3 & RBU/3 (English)

The 3 pole plug and socket version AC170 RST(U)/3 and RBU/3 is our most popular IP68 circular plug connector type. These connectors are notable for their tightness and allow quick and safe installation without the use of cast resin, gel or heat shrink tube.